25 Things We Learned From Dylan and Poppy's Premiere Live Tweet Fun Facts From the Stars

Posted on Jun 30, 2014 02:30pm

Unforgettable Season 3 kicked off with a brand new episode and a live tweet with Dylan Walsh and Poppy Montgomery. Get to know the stars a little bit better and find out the most interesting things about them and the show below!

1. Dylan and Derek Jeter are on nodding terms.

2. Dylan and Jane Curtin worked together 20 years ago as well.

3. Boris Kodjoe got Poppy on Twitter. 

4. Poppy loves old Woody Allen Flicks.

5. When Jane Curtin uses crutches in the scene, she actually needed them.
6. Boris Kodjoe is a man of many talents, including clothing design.
7. The show's stars are known to ad-lib lines.
8. Dylan does his own stunts.
9. Poppy has a thing for France. 

10. Dylan wears glasses.
11. Sometimes the backgrounds are fudged.
12. This summer show was actually filmed in winter.
13. Unforgettable actors don't go hungry.
14. Dylan likes the Yankees more than doggies.
15. New York City is Dylan's favorite city.
16. Poppy loves action!
17. Dylan's first acting job: Soldier Boys, a CBS after school special.
18. Dylan worked with James Earl Jones.
19. Poppy likes to forget... or at least use it as an excuse.
20. Poppy loves sushi.
21. Dylan's favorite movie is Citizen Kane.
22. Poppy's favorite part of the show? The clothes.
23. The show uses real guns in scenes.
24. Poppy has 6 tattoos.

25. Handcuffing is tough.