Season 1: Episode 2 - Season 1: Episode 2

Season 1: Episode 2: Ralph Lamb is called in to investigate the murder of craps dealer Wes Sutcliffe, who was murdered in an apparent home robbery and whose wife was tied up and locked in the trunk of their car. The investigation deepens when the Lambs discover another crime matching the Sutcliffe home invasion, but the fact that these victims were beaten and not killed leads Lamb to think that there was something personal involved in Sutcliffe's murder.  As they talk over the case with the DA and the Mayor, Lamb notices a difference in the way the robbers tied the knots on their victims' bindings; Wes Sutcliffe was bound with a knot that only an experienced rancher would know. All the evidence now points to Ted Ermin, a former rancher and ex-lover of Wes' wife, Carol. Ted used the same M.O. as other robbers to cover up Wes' murder and make it look like it was just a robbery gone wrong. <br /><br />Meanwhile, Savino has some of his own problems at the Savoy. Bob Perrin (ep 100), the former Savoy accountant now incarcerated for murder, has agreed to spill the secrets about the mob's bookeeping in exchange for his life. Savino must find a way to silence Perrin before he can spill the Savoy's financial secrets.  On top of that, the bosses back in Chicago have sent the whip-smart and stunningly beautiful Mia Rizzo to run the count room at the Savoy, and it's immediately clear that she has a lot of influence with the higher ups back home. Savino knows he'll ultimately need to gain Mia's trust and loyalty if he ever wants to achieve his lofty business goals in Las Vegas.