- Season 1 - Episode 5 - Solid Citizens Episode:

Season 1: Episode 5 - Solid Citizens

Solid Citizens: Lamb and Jack investigate the kidnapping of Tim Ludlow, the 9 year-old son of Milton Ludlow, the newest member of the Nevada Gaming Commission. Initially, Lamb suspects Savino of the kidnapping, thinking he wanted to fast-track a gaming license for the Tumbleweed. Savino bristles at this, then tells Lamb to look at the people Milton works with, saying that its far easier to get things done with money than with force in Vegas. Dixon gets a VIN number off the kidnappers' getaway car, which eventually leads to a shootout with one of the kidnappers, Wade Ullom. Ullom is killed and Tim is nowhere to be found, but another piece of evidence leads them to Gus Wilson, the owner of the Dunes casino. Wilson gave Ullom bribe money in hopes of expediting his casino gambling license, but Ullom's co-conspirator couldn't get the commission to agree. The co-conspirator turns out to be Milton's brother-in-law, Ken, who agreed to the kidnapping in order to pay off his debt to Ullom for the bribe. Lamb poses as Ken and goes to meet the kidnappers, whom he manages to subdue with the help of some quality marksmanship from Jack. Lamb finds Tim and returns him to his parents, then takes Ken into custody.

Meanwhile, Savino's wife, Laura, comes out to Vegas at his request. He wants her support in the Tumbleweed venture, hoping to convince her to move out to Vegas with his family in the immediate future. Laura worries that her moving the family out will put them in danger, given the mob connections, but Savino assures her they'll be safe. His promise is put into jeopardy, however, when Jones, a ruthless hitman from Milwaukee, comes looking for Davey Cornaro. Savino enlists Red and Borelli to throw Jones off the trail and eventually succeeds in convincing Jones that Cornaro is alive and in Los Angeles, which is far from the truth.