- Season 1 - Episode 7 - Bad Seeds Episode:

Season 1: Episode 7 - Bad Seeds

Bad Seeds: After two bodies are unearthed in a Las Vegas cornfield, the Lambs and Katherine are dispatched to the crime scene. Katherine quickly identifies the bodies as Davey Cornaro and Tommy Deuce Squiteri (ep 103) and Lamb knows that Milwaukee will soon be sending men out to retaliate against Savino, the man likely behind the killings. Checkpoints are quickly set up at the airport to attempt to prevent any more mobsters from coming into the city from Milwaukee but hired hit man Jones (ep 104) slips past the police using a fake ID. Soon after, Jones guns down Borelli in broad daylight and takes out an elderly woman in the crossfire. Meanwhile, Mayor Bennett is upset with Lamb for not keeping the streets safe while his election is going on. Lamb heads to the Savoy to ask Savino to stop the killings but has no luck. Meanwhile, the hit man heads to the Savoy to kill Savino but is unsuccessful; Lamb arrives late to see the aftermath and decides to take Savino to his ranch for protective custody. While at the ranch, Savino is handcuffed to a table and the hit men soon start to arrive. After a gun battle, Lamb has taken two down but is trapped by Jones himself. At the last moment, Jones is taken out by Savino who has gotten free and found a gun. After the dust settles Lamb finds out that he still has a job as the sheriff but Bennett is no longer the Mayor, he lost the election.

Savino has his own problems over at the Savoy. While talking to Red and Laura about the upcoming election he mentions that he is hoping the it goes his way but is careful not to tip Laura off to too much. Word reaches him quickly that Cornaro's body has been found and he calls his men into scold them for being so careless in disposing of the body. While he readies himself for the retaliation from Milwaukee, All of these shoddy business dealings have also alerted Chicago to the fact that Savino might not be the right man to run the casino and that they will have to make amends with Milwaukee. After he is saved from Jones, Savino, along with Rizzo and Angelo, is summoned to a meeting and Angelo is shot at the last minute.