- Season 1 - Episode 10 - Estinto Episode:

Season 1: Episode 10 - Estinto

Estinto: The morning after Savino and some other mob bosses meet with the biggest contractor in Vegas, the contractor turns up dead. Ralph and Jack head out to round up Savino, their usual suspect, but soon find out that the mob had nothing to do with this murder. The more the Lambs investigate, the more they dig up on their murder victim. Ralph and Jack initially disagree when they each believe a different person was responsible for the killing but soon figure out that they are both right, each of their suspects had a hand in the killing. In the end it was his intent to sell his business and give his money away that motivated his wife and business partner to kill him.

Meanwhile, Savino has had a series of robberies at the Savoy and Ralph puts Dixon on the case. After going undercover in the casino, Dixon solves the crime and makes the arrest. Savino is impressed and rewards Dixon with a suite for the night while hoping he is able to drive a wedge between Ralph and his son. At the same time, Savino and Rizzo figure out that Diane is working with the FBI and trying to gather evidence on them, Rizzo kills her before she learns too much.