Season 1: Episode 17 - Hollywood Ending

Hollywood Ending: Lamb, Jack, and Katherine take advantage of the phone tap in Savino's office to learn that the skim is being taken out of Vegas under the care of someone Savino refers to as "the Avocado." Katherine goes to her boss, Reynolds, to tell him that they have strong lead with this "Avocado" person, which stresses him out immensely because he's the one who has been taking care of the skim for Savino. Panicking, he orchestrates a fake self-kidnapping, using a recently paroled convict named Eddie Bade. Lamb tracks Bade down and finds out that Reynolds paid him off to stage a kidnapping, and then puts the pieces together. Savino wasn't saying "Avocado" on the phone, he was saying "avvocato," which is Italian for "lawyer." Lamb manages to track Reynolds down and, at the urging of Byrne and Katherine, convinces him to act as their confidential informant inside Savino's operation. When Savino questions Reynolds about his disappearance, he claims that Bade kidnapped him and locked him in a motel, which Savino appears to buy. Later, during the skim transfer in the desert, Savino brings Bade out and tells Reynolds to shoot him, so that he can prove that he wasn't lying. Reynolds can't bring himself to do it and turns the gun on Savino, but it turns out that it wasn't loaded. Lamb, Katherine, and Jack then overhear Savino informing someone that the "avvocato" never made it out of the desert, and they presume that Reynolds was murdered. Dixon and Yvonne arrive in Los Angeles and go to visit Violet at her studio before Yvonne's audition. Violet is stunned to see Dixon, but things get complicated when Barry Silver shows up and questions why Dixon is here. Thinking quickly, Yvonne poses as his girlfriend, and Silver winds up inviting them to a party at his mansion. At the party, Yvonne winds up performing for the crowd and wows Silver enough to earn an audition for his next musical. At the audition, however, Silver tries to force himself on her, then beats her when she resists. Furious, Dixon sneaks up on Silver at his home and gives him a revenge beating, despite Violet's pleas to the contrary.

Meanwhile, Mia is shocked to learn that her mother, Lena, is actually still very much alive, despite being told she died when Mia was a child. Lena comes to the Savoy in hopes of reuniting with her daughter now that Rizzo is dead, and she winds up striking up a relationship with Savino, which Mia isn't quite sure how to handle.