- Season 1 - Episode 19 - Past Lives Episode:

Season 1: Episode 19 - Past Lives

Past Lives: Lamb and Jack investigate the murder of Ned Harris, a Savoy craps dealer, who was found dead in his backyard pool. Lamb speculates that the murder could be the result of something Agent Byrne touched on when he recently interrogated Harris as part of his plan to put pressure on Savoy employees, in hopes of getting them to turn into FBI informants against the mob. However, Lamb and Katherine discover that the real Ned Harris actually died in 1951, and that the man living under his name was a fugitive from Philadelphia named Gary Spiegler. Spiegler's fugitive partner, Harry French, was also a dealer at the Savoy, and when he found out that Spiegler was talking to the Feds, he decided to kill him to protect himself and his wife.

While Lamb puts the murder puzzle pieces together, Harry French goes to the Savoy and takes Mia hostage at gunpoint, demanding $20,000 in cash from the count room to fund his getaway. Mia relents, but the hostage situation gets complicated when Jack arrives, hoping to get information from her about Ned Harris. Harry keeps both hostage in a suite while Tony in the count room bundles the cash together. When Tony arrives, Harry shoots him and takes Mia and Jack with him as he flees. Eventually, Lamb catches him and, with Jack, manages to subdue Harry.

Savino is forced to find a way to skim off some of the profits from the Tumbleweed Casino, which just reopened. The owner, Gainsley, and his parters do not trust Savino one bit, so he's forced to play dirty. After intimidating Gainsley's lawyer into giving up crucial financial information, it appears that Savino phones in an anonymous tip to the FBI that Gainsley had skimmed federally-appropriated funds to finance the casino. As such, Agent Byrne and his men seize Gainsley's assets and close the Tumbleweed, for the time being.

Dixon and Yvonne go on a date at the movies, but the date takes a turn when the usher tells them to use the colored entrance, given Yvonne's ethnicity. This results in Yvonne questioning whether a relationship between the two of them would ever really work out. Dixon manages to convince her to give their relationship a chance after staging an impromptu wedding for an incarcerated man in the sheriff station. He explains to her that if steel bars couldn't keep that couple apart, race won't keep him from being with her.