Style: How to Survive Award Season
Posted on Sep 14, 2011 09:00pm

By: Alison Prato­

The Mentalist's Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman show you how

"What were they thinking?" It's a question that pops up frequently during awards season in Hollywood, pertaining to the many missteps that can happen on the red carpet. Knowing that the world's eyes will be watching-and snarkily judging-A-listers undergo months of diet, beauty and exercise regimens to achieve that breezy, carefree glow, and turn to stylists to avoid becoming fashion roadkill. (Can you say "Cher," "Celine Dion" and "Björk"?) Fortunately, Watch! has your guide to surviving the most pressure-filled time of the year, starring The Mentalist actors Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman, who know a thing or two about looking glam on the red carpet.

survive_1_200x300.jpg1. GET A ROOM AT L.A.'S POSHEST HOTEL
Four Seasons hotels have always been synonymous with luxury, but the Beverly Hills outpost takes the decadence to an entirely new level. Sixteen stories high and beloved by A-list celebrities and jet-setters, the Four Seasons has cemented itself as one of the most posh hotels in town.

"Celebrities, agents, producers and publicists enjoy spending time here, because we provide exceptional service and the utmost privacy for our guests," says general manager Mehdi Eftekari. "Windows Lounge is known around town as ‘Hollywood's living room' because of the service, location and residential ambience. It's also very centrally located for the awards events around town." No detail goes unnoticed at the recently renovated hotel: A house Rolls-Royce takes guests anywhere within a two-mile radius, and the sun-filled guest rooms include extra-stuffed mattresses, marble bathrooms, twice-daily housekeeping service and French doors that open onto private balconies with breathtaking views of the city.

Aside from being a long-standing postevent Hollywood hot spot-don't be surprised if you see Brad and Angie slinking through the hotel lobby late at night-the Four Seasons features a full-service spa, a poolside grill, and a fourth-floor lap pool and deck with sexy cabanas and cheekily striped lounges. There are also beautiful flower arrangements throughout, courtesy of house florist Eric Buterbaugh. Even in a town that caters to the most privileged, the Four Seasons is the ultimate indulgence.

survive_4_200x300.jpg2. IT'S ALL ABOUT PORTION CONTROL
Attending high-profile events such as the Grammys can mean being on the go for more than 12 hours. Chef Vic Casanova of the brand-new Culina restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel suggests eating small, frequent meals and incorporating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins such as fresh fish and steak. (Culina serves contemporary Italian dishes such as Bucatini Alla Carbonara and an unbelievable Bistecca for two.)

"I recommend a chopped salad with Tuscan farro and raw, finely chopped vegetables, which retain their nutrients," Casanova says. "This salad provides energy throughout the day. Farro is an ancient grain full of protein, folate, vitamin E, potassium and fiber. Avocado is also beneficial for staying satiated." For that extra bit of energy during the marathon day, he suggests stashing almonds and pistachios in your pocket or purse to nibble on and keep you feeling full.

For the postaward meal, Casanova recommends indulging at Culina, beginning with crudo, the Italian version of sashimi with infused olive oils and sea salt. "Then share the house-made pasta, followed by a fish dish-possibly the signature Branzino or Black Cod-or a steak entrée. We have fine Italian wine pairings for each course, and don't forget to finish with a decadent dessert and our homemade limoncello!"

survive_2_300x200.jpg3. WHIP THAT BODY INTO SHAPE
"If you're trying to get results fast, you have to burn calories," says Bobby Strom, a police officer turned fitness expert who counts Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively among his A-list clients. "People who come to me for red carpet events usually want to flatten their stomachs and tighten their arms-no shaky skin."

Strom gets the job done with his signature "mash-ups," in which he takes three exercises and puts them into one. "I'll have somebody do a split squat, a lateral dumbbell raise with their right arm and a dumbbell press with the left arm. This gives the most bang for your buck. You're giving the brain a workout too. And it gets your heart rate jumping."

The good news? It's completely possible to make a transformation in a short time. Case in point: Lively, who worked with Strom to get in top condition for her swimwear-heavy June 2010 Vogue cover shoot. "There wasn't a lot of time," he says, "so I changed her diet and trained her. She has a great physique, and she wasn't overweight, but she hadn't been working out. The transformation was fast. After working with Blake for three weeks, her hairstylist, who's been with her for years, said, ‘Bobby, her body changed.' "

survive_3_300x200.jpg4. GO GLAM WITH HAIR AND MAKEUP
What could be more glamorous than getting pampered while lounging by the pool? Getting decked out from the neck up. We asked CBS beauty expert Lisa Mirante for her best tips for makeup and hair.

Try not to pair dark eyes with dark lips; instead, choose a single focal point for your canvas and work around it. Pair neutral eye shadows and cheeks with bold lips, and vice versa.

Eye shadow palettes are rich in color now; smoky deep plums, eggplant and blues are making the scene. Add a twist with a hint of gold or bronze metallic on the inner corners and lower lash line of the eyes for highlighting.

There's no need to fuss over perfect blowouts or silky flat-ironed locks; instead, sport a tousled, fresh-out-of–bed look with textured waves. To reduce frizz, apply a small amount of serum or a light texturizer. For a more glamorous approach, think chic. Create an extreme side part and pull all of your hair back into a slick low ponytail, wrapping a thick strand around the pony holder to conceal it.

Yes, it's ironic-and often maddening-that the richest, most famous people also get the most free stuff. But that's the way it works in Hollywood. Brands and designers gift celebrities with their newest and hottest products and in turn get great publicity when the celebs are seen rocking this swag in public. To give you an idea of what kinds of gift baskets might be available this season, we asked the team at Alison Brod PR to create gift baskets based on five of CBS' most popular shows.

edwards_300_200.jpgTHE MENTALIST basket: Banana Republic vest; Naturopathica skin care products; Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper body wash; Go Smile Touch Up kit; Holga 35-millimeter camera; Jonathan Adler Nook cover; Urban Outfitters message set; Anthony for Men Action High-Performance Moisturizer.

THE GOOD WIFE basket:starter_300_200.jpg
Lilly Pulitzer Nook cover; Oscar Blandi hair products; L'Oréal Ice Cold eye roller and Collagen Micro-Pulse Total Correction Eye System; June Jacobs Spa Collection products; Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Platinum; Godiva chocolates; Jouer Train Case.

hawaii_200.jpgTHE HAWAII FIVE-O basket: Havaianas flip-flops, Zico coconut water; Sailor Jerry rum; Anthony Logistics Sun Kit; Peter Thomas Roth Uber-Dry Sunscreen SPF 30; Genesis Today juice.

THE NCIS: LOS ANGELES basket: mout_200.jpgStetson caps; Murder Ink notes; rubber band shooter; Milagro tequila; Ahava Protective moisturizer; Peter Thomas Roth skin care products; party mustaches.

madlibs_200.jpgTHE BIG BANG THEORY basket: Urban Outfitters superhero and NASA tees; FitFlop sneakers; Best of Mad Libs; Peter Thomas Roth Modern Classics shave cream; the Nook; Darth Vader alarm clock; Socks Socks socks.

"You literally have to start getting ready for awards season in the fall," says Steven Cojocaru, special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. "If you don't do your Botox by late December or early January, you're late. You have to start the facial program, your fillers, your Restylane, your Juvederm. You have to start your 450-calorie diet. You have to go to Pilates, you have to go to Tracy Anderson, you have to do power yoga.

"If you want to make a splash on the red carpet, you have to be very well-prepared. There's a whole scientific approach to this. My advice? Do sexy-but in the right way. You have to look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Do I look ridiculous in this, or is there something here that's smoky and sultry?'

"Simple is better. Clean looks are better. You can't go wrong with a slinky dress that's cut clean. You have to have fashion charisma, a personality and a point of view to pull off outrageous things. Take your cues from Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. I don't like women wearing tons and tons of jewelry. It's way too Dynasty or Dallas for me. It looks old, and it looks tacky. On young girls, I'm liking no jewelry at all. Also, red is a power color this season. Jewel tones are strong. And silver is out. Pale gold is the new black."