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This year's Super Bowl Greatest Commercials countdown will feature spots as big as the state hosting the game, Texas.

However, these "bigger is better" spots will have to contend with other formidable commercials in the countdown, those representing the argument that "less is more."

There's always been disagreement about which of these Super Bowl commercial styles is most impactful. Some prefer the big, blockbuster, star-studded spectacular. Others believe that the smaller, simple yet brilliant commercials stand apart from the rest.

Hosts Boomer Esiason and Daniela Ruah take sides in this long-standing argument. Boomer will campaign on behalf of "bigger is better" camp while Daniela will advocate for the "less is more" side.

Let your voice be heard on this debate and CAST YOUR VOTE HERE. Pick one from each category and vote as often as you like until 8pm ET on Tuesday, Jan. 31. One video from each category will advance to the final round, when you can vote LIVE for the winner starting at 9pm ET on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

Watch Super Bowl Greatest Commercials on Tuesday, Jan. 31 at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access to see if your pick wins. The champion will be crowned at the end of the show. Here are the nominees:


POKÉMON "Train On" 2016
In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Pokémon produced their first-ever Super Bowl commercial, an instant classic that promoted the app that would soon become a worldwide sensation.

APPLE "1984" 1984
Considered the first BIG Super Bowl commercial, it was directed by Ridley Scott and ran just once in the year of its namesake—but has been a pop culture icon ever since.

MILK "Morning Run" feat. The Rock 2013
In a first for both MILK (their first Super Bowl commercial), and Dwayne ""The Rock"" Johnson (his first ever commercial), both parties delivered in what has become the quintessential BIG Super Bowl spot.

THE NFL "Super Bowl Babies Choir" feat. Seal 2016
To celebrate Super Bowl 50, the NFL reminded us once again that since the first Super Bowl, there have been spikes in birth rates in the cities of the winning teams nine months after the game.

FEDEX "Carrier Pigeons" 2008
In this Super Bowl classic, FedEx goes BIG with oversized pigeons who have been recruited to transform the shipping giant's delivery system.


BUDWEISER "Lost Dog" 2015
In this sequel to the 2014 commercial ""Puppy Love,"" Budweiser takes this story of friendship and loyalty to new heights in a spot that went viral within minutes.

FED EX "We Apologize" 1998
FedEx can play both sides of the ball. Their ""less is more"" candidate plays on the absurdity of the costs of producing and then airing a Super Bowl Commercial—even back then in 1998.

DORITOS "Time Machine" 2014
For nearly a decade, Doritos ran its widely popular ""Crash the Super Bowl"" user-generated commercial contest, and in most years these spots ranked among the best.

PEPSI "Security" 1996
This spot aired during the height of the ""cola wars"" between Coke and Pepsi. Here, Pepsi deployed a simple yet super effective, single camera approach with a little help from Hank Williams.

VICTORIA’S SECRET "Adriana" 2008
Featuring the supermodel known to many simply as Adriana, this concept was conceptualized on a paper napkin and shot in less than a hour."

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