A Racquetball Game Turns Into Dinner With A Side Of Drama On 9JKL

Andrew offers some food for thought when Josh intrudes on a secret monthly meal in "High Steaks."

On this week's episode of 9JKL, titled "High Steaks" and airing on Monday, Oct. 23 at 8:30/7:30c, Andrew ( David Walton) lays some surprising cards on the dinner table.

WATCH: Preview Of The All-New 9JKL Episode "High Steaks"

When Josh ( Mark Feuerstein) discovers that his brother and father play a monthly racquetball game, he begs to be included.

You can imagine Josh's surprise, however, when he learns the real racket.

Instead of playing racquetball, Andrew and Harry ( Elliott Gould) have been enjoying father-son steak and scotch dinners, and, consequently, lying to Judy ( Linda Lavin) about where they go every month.

Things are equally tense on the home front.

Without the boys as a buffer, Eve ( Liza Lapira) and Judy are pressured into spending the evening together.

Will Eve and her mother-in-law find anything to talk about?

And what'll become of the Roberts' father-son "racquetball games"?

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