Amy's Birthday Marks Her And Sheldon's Coitusversary On The Big Bang Theory

'Tis the season for Sheldon and Amy to give coitus the good ol' college try. Again.

We all know the new episode of The Big Bang Theory entitled "The Birthday Synchronicity," which airs on Thursday, Dec. 15 at 8/7c is going to be major because it's finally time for Bernadette and Howard to welcome Baby Wolowitz to the world!

However, the episode also marks Amy's birthday, which fans may also know by another name. We'll give you a hint: it's one word, five syllables.

That's right, people, it's Amy and Sheldon's "coitusversary!"

Watch as Amy plans something, ahem... magical for the couple's second stab at hanky panky!

But with Bernie's timer about to ding, will ShAmy have time for some fun under the covers?

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