Sheldon Makes A Life-Changing Move On The Big Bang Theory Season Finale

Revisit the major cliffhanger from the Season 10 finale, "The Long Distance Dissonance."

The Big Bang Theory fans got the biggest surprise of them all in the Season 10 finale, "The Long Distance Dissonance," as Sheldon ( Jim Parsons) proposed to Amy ( Mayim Bialik)!

Of course, this was no easy feat for Sheldon, who traveled all the way to Princeton after a moment of clarity amidst a stolen kiss from his admirer, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki (Riki Lindhome).

Indeed, the journey was long and harrowing—well, a little harrowing, anyway.

At least some of it was enjoyable.

Still, the fact remains that Sheldon made a life-changing move in the final moments of this episode. The question now is how will Amy respond to Sheldon popping the big question?

While we wait for the highly anticipated Season 11 premiere, catch up on episodes of The Big Bang Theory on CBS All Access.