Every Reason Why Amy And Sheldon Belong Together Forever

These two scientists make the perfect equation on The Big Bang Theory.

There's just no couple like Sheldon Cooper ( Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler ( Mayim Bialik) on The Big Bang Theory.

And, fans will say that no two people have paired quite as well together as these brainy lovebirds.

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With "ShAmy" taking the next big step in their relationship, let's break down why they belong together forever...

They love science.
As Sheldon would be all too quick to point out, he and Amy work in entirely different fields of science—theoretical physics and neurobiology, respectively—but reason suggests there's some overlap in the Venn diagram of their careers.

The two even worked together on one of Amy's neuroscience experiments... albeit with mixed results, but still!

They're into the same things.
While both Sheldon and Amy have their own unique interests and hobbies, they do cross over from time to time, like when Amy dressed in full Hogwarts attire for a bit of Harry Potter roleplay in the bedroom—a perfect blend of hocus pocus and hanky panky!

They still woo each other.
Just because they're in a dedicated relationship doesn't mean Sheldon and Amy have stopped trying to impress each other. A little flamenco dance here, a little brunch there—every bit helps to keep the love alive.

They humor each other's quirks.
Another reason Sheldon and Amy are perfect together? Well, let's face it, they both have their quirks. (Cardigans and train sets, anyone?) But that's why they make such a great team in their wider group of friends; they have each other's back when it comes to their more offbeat tendencies.

They tend to each other's needs—in sickness and in health.
One time, when Sheldon was feeling ill, Amy performed his favorite, "Soft Kitty," in three different languages. Now, that's commitment!

They're coitus compatible.
Speaking of science, Sheldon and Amy also have undeniable chemistry, particularly when it comes to, er... "fun time" under the sheets.

Sure, it may only occur once a year (or so), but when the pair get together for coitus, it's a bond as strong as hydrogen and oxygen.

They share a circle of friends.
Getting to know your significant other's friends can be tough. Luckily, Amy and Sheldon hang out with the exact same people every day. No awkward run-ins there!

They'd do anything for each other.
Serious relationships require give and take, and no couple understands that better than Sheldon and Amy.

Whether it's Amy putting up with Sheldon's unique family, or Sheldon flying across the country to propose, it's safe to say that these two would do just about anything for each other.

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