The Council Of Sheldons Assembles On The Big Bang Theory

The many facets of Sheldon's mind call an emergency meeting in the new episode "The Relaxation Integration."

In the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory entitled "The Relaxation Integration," Sheldon ( Jim Parsons) began talking in his sleep as the stress of planning his and Amy's ( Mayim Bialik) wedding reached an all-time high.

WATCH: The Council Of Sheldons Assembles On The Big Bang Theory

But as Amy quickly noticed, the words coming out of Sheldon's mouth weren't exactly in line with the Sheldon we know. In fact, this version of the physicist was much more lackadaisical and prone to "going with the flow."

Naturally, this called for a meeting of the minds—or rather the different parts of Sheldon's mind—to determine whether "Laid-Back Sheldon" deserved to join "The Council of Sheldons."

Yep, that's right: Sheldon has an entire council reigning over the great white expanse of his brain, made up of figureheads like Science Sheldon, Texas Sheldon, Fanboy Sheldon, Germaphobe Sheldon, and the much-disdained Humorous Sheldon.

The verdict, it seemed, was unanimous: a five-to-zero vote against granting Laid-Back Sheldon a seat on the council.

Alas, Laid-Back Sheldon will just have to keep chillin' like Bob Dylan... for now.

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