Sheldon And Amy Mathematize Wedding Planning On The Big Bang Theory

Also, Raj confronts Howard about his insults in "The Confidence Erosion."

What better way to plan a wedding than with ones and zeroes?

Okay, so maybe it's not the most romantic way to make arrangements for the big day, but it could potentially eliminate stress for Sheldon ( Jim Parsons) and Amy ( Mayim Bialik) in the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, entitled "The Confidence Erosion" and airing on Thursday, Dec. 7 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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That said, their new method could also prove, well, problematic.

Meanwhile, Raj ( Kunal Nayyar) is having woes of a different sort with Howard ( Simon Helberg) after he realizes his best bud is hurting his confidence.

Could a "breakup" be imminent for the two pals?

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