Josh Blows Up At Cody In This Must-See Veto Ceremony

Watch the claws come out in a salty exchange between one nominee and one Ve-toad.

Oh. Snap.

The most recent episode of Big Brother treated fans to an epic personality clash when Josh—one of this week's three nominees—had some pretty harsh words for Cody.

STREAM: Full Episode 7 Of Big Brother Season 19

Josh wasted no time with the insults.

"You were terrified of your squad and then you turned on us," he started. "You're still lying to me... I don't want to work with you, I want you out of the house, and if it wasn't for that golden apple, I would have been home. So, I hope you hop your ass on out of here."

What was Cody's response?

Josh did not like that...

In case you forgot, Josh already got an earful of hurtful comments from Cody and Jessica last week, so perhaps this was just a way of publicly embarrassing his two former allies.

Together, Jody—who suffered this week's curse and became Ve-toads—retaliated with their fair share of rude comebacks while the rest of the house watched on uncomfortably in disbelief.

Ramses' face says it all.

Once Josh took his seat, this week's POV winner, Paul, had to make a very tough decision.

Would the BB returnee save Alex, Ramses, or Josh and send someone else up on the shopping block, or keep the nominees as is?

Watch the full clip above to feel the heat that was ignited in the BB19 house during Episode 7.

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