Josh Putt-Putts The Houseguests In Their Place, Wins HOH On Big Brother

The meatball becomes the meat-baller after a no-eviction scenario.

The latest episode of Big Brother may have been all about Jessica and her Halting Hex, but it was Josh who later buried the competition in a game of Gravestone Golf and became the new Head of Household!

STREAM: The House Goes Haywire Over The Halting Hex On Big Brother Episode 18, Season 19

Needless to say, Jessica's decision to use her temptation this week hindered the house majority, but the Purveyor of Pan-Smashing had more than circus music and tutu dancing up his sleeve.

Following the no-eviction ceremony, the Houseguests were ushered into the backyard for a graveyard-themed mini-golf comp to kick off horror week in suitably spooky fashion.

Using a zombie-leg as a putter, the Houseguest to get their eyeball in the highest-numbered slot would win.

At first, it looked like Cody was poised to claim the HOH key with a 21—that is until Christmas tied him. Still, things were looking up for the stern-faced former Marine.

Then it was Josh's turn to send his eyeball down the course—and, wouldn't you know it, the 23-year-old lined up his shot just so... that he landed in the slot that matched his age!

It looks like Miami's number one meatball has all the fame and glory this week!

The question is: will he use his newfound power for good or evil? And what does this mean for Jody, who are no longer safe and, as it stands, are the biggest targets in the house?

WATCH: Josh Putt-Putts The Houseguests In Their Place, Wins HOH On Big Brother

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