Elena Gets Real About Her Showmance With Mark On Big Brother

Plus, who does the radio personality think is next out the door?

Unfortunately for Elena Davies, this week's eviction on Big Brother was a double, which meant she was sent packing after Cody left earlier in the night.

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When it came to why Elena was the next to go, Elena confessed in her post-eviction interview that being in a showmance definitely hurt her game—especially when it came to being associated with Cody through Mark.

That said, she doesn't hold any ill will toward the latter at all.

"I kind of tried to avoid it, I kind of tried to put some limits on it," Elena said of her romantic entanglement with the personal trainer.

"At the end of the day, me and Mark got along; I like the kid. I don't know that the Big Brother house is the most healthy environment for me to explore a relationship in, but I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore, do I?"

After reading her third consecutive question about showmances—that is, if she'd continue her relationship with Mark outside the house—Elena interjected...

But seriously, the radio personality said she'd be open to pursuing her romance with Mark, but noted the obvious geographical complication—that she lives in Dallas and he lives in Buffalo.

"But I did promise him that he could come visit me in Dallas and we would see what happens."

In terms of gameplay, Elena had much more to say, including her prediction for who would be joining her and Cody next in the Jury house.

"If it's not Mark, if he wins this HOH or wins the Veto, then I would guess Matt, probably," she said, noting the silver fox's disposability.

"I was a pawn last week, I was a pawn this week, and here I am; Matt was a pawn this week as well, not by his own doing. Alex asked him to throw that safety comp, and Jason put him up right next to me at Double."

So, there you have it!

Will Elena's prediction come true?

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