A Group Hug Comforts Paul After A Tough Convo Leads To A Big Brother Breakdown

Paul's emotions get the best of him when he decides to strip Alex of her chances of winning to secure his own.

It's rare to see someone like Paul get emotional (besides that time he fake cried and freaked Josh out) on Big Brother.

That's why the latest episode of BB19 was a must-see, especially when Paul hit his emotional breaking point when he spilled some heartbreaking news to Alex.

STREAM: Paul Gets Emotional On Episode 36 Of Big Brother 19

"When you develop a real friendship with someone, it’s hard to take something away from them," said Paul as he pulled Alex aside to share his thoughts.

He started with, "I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m thinking... if I use the Veto and pull you off, [ Christmas] is pissed [and] Josh is pissed. I lose Josh, Christmas, and Kevin as a vote. You have Jason, Mark, and Cody, so I think that if I use the Veto on you, I’m pretty much throwing my game in the trash."

Looking back at his BB18 mistake of bringing Nicole Franzel to the Final Two, the strategic player didn’t want to redo the same move and jeopardize his possible win this time around.

Alex took a moment to let Paul’s words sink in before letting him know how much he was letting her down.

"I’m so stupid. I set myself up for this," she said.

He responded with, "I don’t want you to think that I’m selfishly ****ing you over because it’s not that."

To which Alex replied, "It kind of does feel like that. I’m going to be 100 percent honest… it sucks."

Paul's honesty stung Alex so deep that she could’t even bare to hug him on the way out.

That's when Paul moped on upstairs to get the comfort he needed from his friends, while tears kept on streaming down his face.

WATCH: A Group Hug Comforts Paul After A Tough Convo Leads To A Big Brother Breakdown

Did Paul make the best move for his game by hurting Alex?

And, is honesty really the best policy in the BB house?

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