Will Colleen And Matt Make It To The Altar On The Life In Pieces Season 2 Finale?

Here's what to expect from the all-new episode, "Poison Fire Teats Universe."

The universe has thrown Matt ( Thomas Sadoski) and Colleen ( Angelique Cabral) a lot of curveballs, so will the couple finally be able to tie the knot?

In the Season 2 finale of Life in Pieces, the bride- and groom-to-be miss all the flights to Mexico for their wedding and question whether or not they'll ever get married.

Meanwhile, Greg ( Colin Hanks) and Jen ( Zoe Lister-Jones) get hassled by their fellow plane passengers, Joan ( Dianne Wiest) and John ( James Brolin) rush their dog to the vet after he swallows Matt's wedding ring, and the Hughes family deals with a house fire.

Will fortune smile on the Short family in the end?

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