Man With A Plan Puts Family Front And Center At The TCAs

Matt LeBlanc, his TV wife Liza Snyder, and EPs of the new CBS comedy hit the scene in Beverly Hills.

Executive Producer, star, and all-around man with a plan Matt LeBlanc joined co-star Liza Snyder on stage at the 2016 Television Critics Association Summer Tour to promote their new family sitcom called—you guessed it— Man With A Plan!

The series follows Adam (LeBlanc), a contractor and father who starts spending more time with his three kids after his wife Andi (Snyder) decides to go back to work.

Executive Producers Jackie Filgo and Jeff Filgo acknowledged that the fictional Adam and Andi are a reflection of their own real-life marriage.

"It's based on our experience from last year," Jackie explained, recalling a period when they were suddenly with their children 24/7.

Jeff observed that when you only see your kids after work, it's "greatest hits." When you're with them all day, every day, it's more like "deep cuts." Ergo, the show "felt like a natural fit for a working dad who had only seen his kids at the end of the day."

However, that didn't stop Jeff and Jackie—or Adam and Andi for that matter—from staying close. "After many years and a few kids, they are still best friends and really enjoy their time together," Jackie said.

Matt said t his was also the perfect time for him to play a father figure. "This is a new thing; this is a new character for me... I'm looking forward to it." He also expressed excitement about returning to the multi-cam format. "It's like being part of an ensemble theater company."

When asked how he felt about joining the CBS family, Matt replied, "I worked with [CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves], and we became friends a long time ago"

"Sitcom is such it's own beast compared to any other kind of medium," said Liza. "I got back on that sound stage, and it just felt like, 'This is my jam; this is where I want to be.'"

On casting Liza, Jeff estimated that he and Jackie auditioned hundreds of actresses for the part. "I can honestly say that Liza slayed all of them."

And what about the three young actors playing Adam and Andi's rambunctious offspring? "We have amazing kids—these three kids are so talented," Jackie said. Grace Kaufman, for example, who plays the oldest daughter Kate, was the first to audition for the role, and got it.

"What's that old saying? Never work with kids or animals?" Matt joked. "The kids are great... The kids are just having fun."

He continued, "It's a constant reminder that the show and environment needs to be fun. There's an innocence about that; they're so brutally honest... They're nice people. They're these little beings. They're not worried about if it's the right time slot."

In fact, their biggest worry, according to Matt is, "'I hope I don't spill my orange juice in front of the audience!'"

Man With A Plan premieres Monday, Oct. 24 at 8:30/7:30c, following Kevin Can Wait. Until then, head over to CBS All Access for a look at all the new shows coming to CBS this fall.