Here's Why We Just Can't Get Enough Of Adam And Andi's Relationship On Man With A Plan

When a couple is this cute, funny, and relatable, it's hard not to love them.

There's just something special about Adam and Andi's relationship on Man With A Plan that is equal parts hilarious and #RelationshipGoals. It's no wonder fans keep coming back week after week to watch them interact, deal with family dilemmas, and make memories together.

Here's why we just can't get enough of Adam and Andi!

When Adam and Andi found a minute alone together, Andi led her man outside for a little midday rendezvous.
Now, that's something that'll keep the romantic spark alive. Who ever said "married girls" don't know how to have fun?

They always have each other's back, and that's why they chose to teach their kids about the birds and the bees—together... with dolls.
Somehow, they managed the awkward conversation and even left viewers in stitches.

Even after being married for so many years, they still know how to pay each other compliments.
Andi may have felt nerdy in high school, but that didn't stop Adam from having the hots for her. Plus, he totally has a thing for how she looks in her reading glasses.

They give each other perspective on things when the going gets tough.
Like that time Andi misplaced her wedding dress, and Adam's light-hearted and compassionate tone comforted her.

Together, they take pride in teaching their three children what's right and wrong, and what respect's all about.
Sure, Adam and Andi like to have loads of fun with Kate, Teddy, and Emme, but they also know how to be top-notch parents, which often includes teaching valuable lessons like being honest.

What do you love most about Adam and Andi's relationship?

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