Man With A Plan's Guide To Raising Kids

Here are all the dos and don'ts of parenting brought to you by Adam and Andi.

After the first full season of laughs, love, and lessons learned on Man With A Plan, let's take a look back at some of Adam and Andi's best tools and tricks for raising children. If any couple has a solution at the ready, it's these parents of three.

DO talk through the tough stuff.

The "tough stuff" could mean a failed exam, a first date or in this particular case, shown above—a momentous occasion for Adam's oldest daughter Kate.

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DON'T invade their privacy.

No teenager likes their personal life being intruded upon by their parents, so think twice before reading any text conversations or secret-filled diaries.

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DO focus on what really matters.

Parenting isn't easy. Though the household can get unbearably hectic at times with schedules, chores, piles of clothes, and mishaps, it's moments like holidays spent together and family dinners that are worth more serious attention.

Revel in the good times rather than the clutter.

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DON'T involve your kids in all the adult stuff.

Many adult conversations can take place when the kids are nearby. Instead of letting your young ones hear the spats and adult decisions you make, create more distance between you and the kids before the chat becomes too "grown-up" for their ears.

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DO have a sense of humor.

No one said being a mom or dad was easy work. Kids can be testing and parenting has never been a 9-5 kind of job. That's why having a sense of humor is key.

Haven't you heard the saying, "kids say the darndest things?" Find the funny in the cute things they say.

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DON'T sweat the small stuff.

You shouldn't lose sleep over things like a school Thanksgiving feast. Sure, Adam was responsible for organizing it, but he had to learn to strike a balance.

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