Gibbs And McGee May Be Worse For Wear On NCIS

Dr. Grace Confalone returns to consult with the special agents in an all-new episode entitled "Twofer."

Gibbs ( Mark Harmon) and McGee ( Sean Murray) may be home safe and sound after their traumatic imprisonment in a Paraguayan rebel camp, but that doesn't mean they're back in action just yet on NCIS.

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On the next all-new episode of NCIS entitled "Twofer," which airs on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access, the two special agents must pass a psychological evaluation with Dr. Grace Confalone (returning guest star Laura San Giacomo) before they can officially get back to work.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team looks into a missing Navy lieutenant whose body is found by a cemetery grounds crew while they were relocating caskets on the property.

Will Gibbs and McGee get an all-clear from the good doctor?

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