How The Klingons Were Reimagined For Star Trek: Discovery

Learn how Alchemy Studios drew inspiration from previous series and ancient empires to create Discovery's iconic warrior race.

As one of Star Trek's most beloved alien races, the warriors known as Klingons have been redesigned a number times since they were first introduced in The Original Series.

The species has been updated yet again for Star Trek: Discovery—the latest chapter in the Star Trek franchise—by the prominent prosthetics and creature makeup house Alchemy Studios, which helped bring the Klingons to life for modern audiences.

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"With the Klingons, it's got to be something that we've not seen before, yet you know it's a Klingon," Creature and Concept Designer Neville Page says in a new featurette detailing their process.

In order to achieve this massive undertaking, the studio used a combination of sculpting and 3D-printing techniques to hone in on a look that best suited their take on the species.

"They are very inspired by probably one of my favorite creature artists ever, H.R. Giger," Neville notes.

Watch the video above for more on how Alchemy reimagined the Klingons.

When it came to the new Klingon armor and ship designs, Alchemy took a highly detailed approach, drawing from both the old shows and real-life historical empires.

Regarding the intricate craftsmanship, Creature and Makeup Designer Glenn Hetrick explains, "We looked at pieces of costuming in the past, and tried to expand upon that ... It's Byzantine, it's Mongolian—when you're looking at it, it's very much Klingon, but it feels real."

"Anything that we do that is ornate, it has reference and relevance based on Klingon lore," Neville adds.

Hetrick continues, "The first time I saw [our] Klingons—the wardrobe, the makeup, and the ship—that synthesis of ideas, and shapes, and colors, it is absolutely awe-inspiring. I get goosebumps just thinking about it."

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