Captain Lorca Is More Than Meets The Eye On Star Trek: Discovery

"Choose Your Pain" exposed a heart-wrenching tale from Lorca's past.

Warning: SPOILERS from Episode 5, Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery follow...

In Episode 5 of Star Trek: Discovery, fans got more insight into the mysterious Captain Lorca ( Jason Isaacs) by the unlikeliest of sources: The Original Series character Harcourt Fenton Mudd ( Rainn Wilson).

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During the episode, aptly titled " Choose Your Pain," an imprisoned Harry Mudd goaded his new cellmate, Lorca, into revealing that the captain's eye condition was an injury sustained after he watched his previous crew incinerated aboard the U.S.S. Buran.

"We find out that he lost his entire crew, and I'm sure in [Lorca's] mind he could have made different decisions that saved them," Jason Isaacs explains in a video detailing his character's backstory. "You understand where his ferocity comes from." Watch more above.

The actor adds, "I think it says a lot about his personality and his devotion to [the U.S.S. Discovery] crew—although he doesn't show it; he's not sentimental—that he decided not to have his eyes replaced or repaired after burning them watching [the Buran] crew explode.

"He wants a physical reminder, all the time, to make the right decision, to make the right choice, and to not let that happen again. I don't know if that's the wisest move, I don't know if that gives him the clearest head, but it certainly motivates him."

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