All The Reasons Why We Love Katey Sagal On Superior Donuts

When it comes to being smart, caring, and sarcastic, Katey proves she has it all as Randy DeLuca.

If you've been watching Superior Donuts since the beginning, then there's a good chance you've grown to love Officer Randy DeLuca (played by Katey Sagal), whose sweet and salty personality shines through with every new episode.

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But there's much more behind this no-nonsense cop than meets the eye, which only fuels our adoration for the character—and the talented actress who plays her!

Here are a few of the reasons why Randy (and Katey) make Superior Donuts more delicious.

She means business: Randy is a highly respected Chicago police officer who has been keeping the community safe for years.

Locals trust her, so when this cop demands something—whether it's backup, or a half-dozen glazed—it's not uncommon for everyone around her to listen up.

She's witty and delivers the best one-liners: Randy's always at the ready with witty comebacks and has mastered the art of leaving an impression with very few words.

Some of our favorite one-liners include: "Can he take me to the future when this conversation is over?" ( "Crime Time") and "You're wearing a Rasta hat and you smell like day three of Coachella" ( "Takin' It To The Streets").

She's a stable force for Arthur:
As a little girl, Randy would frequently accompany her dad to Superior Donuts to visit his best friend, Arthur, which explains her effortless ability to connect with the confection-making curmudgeon and encourage him to embrace the changing times.

She always advocates for Franco: In one of Superior Donuts' most controversial episodes, "The Amazing Racists," Randy stuck by Franco's side after Officer Lee randomly stopped-and-frisked him for no reason.

Though, Lee was the one who handled the dispute, Randy later came to Franco's defense and provided him with the compassion he deserved for an unfortunate situation gone wrong.

She's intriguing:
As much as we've learned about Randy on the show, there's also a mysterious quality to the feisty character, which makes her even more intriguing.

That said, we can't wait to learn more about Office DeLuca as her backstory unfolds on Superior Donuts.

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