Which Unaired Survivor Moments Left The Latest Cast-Off Cracking Up?

Hear from the Healer who was sent home after an intense Tribal Council that had everyone on edge.

When Chrissy, Ryan, Ali, JP, and Roark headed to the latest Tribal Council on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, the tension in the air was palpable—especially between Roark and Chrissy, two people that haven't been able to see eye-to-eye for much of the season.

Right before Tribal, Chrissy told a fib to her allies that Roark was trying to put together a secret alliance of her own. That alone was enough to sway the votes and send Roark packing as the latest cast-off of Season 35.

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Let's find out what the 27-year-old California social worker had to say about being on the show, her relationship with Chrissy, and the one unaired moment she will never forget.

How shocked were you to learn you had been eliminated?

Roark Luskin: I was completely in shock. In the moment, you just black out and it's funny because Ryan said to me, "You looked right at me when you said goodbye," and I'm like, I don't remember having vision. You're just in such a bizarre mental place.

There was so much tension between you and Chrissy at Tribal. What are your thoughts on her strategy to get you out?

Roark: She wanted me out since Day 9, like the first day of the swap, and I had been made aware of that from Ali and Ryan. So, I knew that she felt that way about me. I was not at all shocked to learn any of this about her choices.

Do you think Chrissy will make it far this season?

Roark: As the viewers have seen, she did a great job pulling JP and Ben in on Heroes and she has Ryan, so Chrissy's in a good spot.

Looking back, is there anything you think you could have done differently to have escaped elimination?

Roark: I definitely have regrets but I think, unfortunately, circumstance and the Survivor gods played a massive role in my fate. Being not only the lone Healer on that tribe coming from a six-strong tribe, and then having that completely unforeseen relationship between Chrissy and Ryan, my situation was just really bad.

What did Survivor teach you about yourself?

Roark: I think it taught me that individuals can choose to lie about their backgrounds (I chose not to), but you can't hide who you are.

Do you have a favorite unaired moment you can share with Survivor fans?

Roark: I would just say, in general, all of our starting tribes (and I'm sure this is true for every player), were just something really special, especially when it's a new player season and you're all just going through this for the first time together. I have never laughed as hard as I did on those first days on Healers beach.

I was like dry heaving, I was laughing so hard. I couldn't even catch my breath during some of the stories people would tell. It was really, really fun.

If asked, would you ever play again?

Roark: I mean, of course. I think anyone who says no is crazy. This is a small group and to be nominated a second time and for people to think there's more to your story, that would be such an honor to hear that.

Probst is a pro. Everyone involved with Survivor is amazing at their job. These are expert storytellers. I have the utmost respect for everyone involved on this show.

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