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How To Watch The PGA Tour On CBS: 2020 Golf Tournament Schedule And More

Live sports return with the PGA Tour restart bringing golf back to CBS.
Posted on Aug 17, 2020 | 07:00am
After a period of so much uncertainty, there's one thing we can count on—America is eager to enjoy some live sports!

The PGA Tour is back on CBS throughout the rest of 2020, with new health protocols and technologies to ensure the best golf action is broadcast and streamed wherever you are with CBS All Access.

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Sure, some things might feel a little different—like majors starting in August! But with familiar voices like Jim Nantz, innovative tech like Toptracer, and new features like augmented reality, you can always depend on CBS to deliver the best golf coverage.

When is the PGA Tour on CBS?
The following golf schedule is updated each Monday with the latest dates and times for live CBS coverage of the PGA Tour:
The Northern TrustSaturday, Aug. 223pm ET6pm ET
Sunday, Aug. 233pm ET7pm ET

What are the PGA and CBS doing to ensure health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic?
A lot! Efforts include health screenings and safety protocols, utilizing more technology, minimizing travel, reducing the on-site footprint, and maximizing social distancing. Many of the production elements, including the scoring graphics, remote editing, video shading, multiple replay devices—including the new multichannel Hawkeye system—and editorial support, will come from remote locations.

As one unique example, at the Charles Schwab Challenge, CBS Sports and Golf Channel planned a unified, linear broadcast production. The same production and announce team during Saturday and Sunday's coverage on CBS also will work Thursday and Friday's coverage on Golf Channel—allowing for fewer than half of the normal contingent on site for a typical PGA Tour production.

What technologies will CBS use to cover the PGA Tour in 2020?
The team returns with its industry-leading production and technology elements including:

- Toptracer: Using 3D radar tracking to provide the viewer with a true sense of distance, height, curvature, and more. Tracing live tee shots on various holes showing the apex, ball speed, distance and curve will once again be staples of this technology.
- Toptracer RF: Toptracer will outfit two RF mini-cameras in order to provide ball tracking graphics and statistics on a player's second shot from the fairway anywhere on the course.
- ARL Virtual Eye: Virtual Eye uses Toptracer ball tracing capabilities on tee shots within a 3D Hole Model, while simultaneously showing the golfer hit shots from the tee. Virtual flyover animations also return, giving a second shot perspective once the ball comes to rest including GolfTrax information providing key statistical information for both individual players and holes.
- SwingVision: CBS' Emmy Award-winning technical innovation, SwingVision, featuring super-slow action to break down players' swings and demonstrate shots from various locations on the course to capture the dramatic high speed replays of various shots.
- Live Aerial Coverage: Need we say more?

Debuting during 2020 coverage will be new features like:

- ARL Virtual Signage: Augmented Reality technology will be utilized to virtually place statistics, player information, and sponsorship partners on the course with full trackable camera moves so that the images appear to be actually on the course.
- Hawkeye Replay Source: While Hawkeye has contributed to CBS golf coverage on digital platforms in the past, the Charles Schwab Challenge will feature for the first time this replay technology integrated into the linear broadcast, with an operator controlling every camera angle remotely from home and contributing with real-time replays from action on the course.

How can I watch or stream PGA Tour golf events on CBS All Access?
It's easy! Just sign up for CBS All Access, which is available on iOS devices (including iPhones and iPads), Android devices (including phones and tablets), Apple TV, Google Chromecast, FireTV, PS4, Roku, Xbox, and many more!

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What else can I stream on CBS All Access?
Not only will CBS All Access let you stream live golf, but sports fans also get loads of other live events, including NFL on CBS, SEC on CBSNCAA Basketball on CBS, and more. While many schedules are still in limbo, the National Women's Soccer League recently announced its return with their 2020 Challenge Cup starting June 27, and all 25 games will be available from CBS.

CBS All Access subscribers also get round-the-clock streaming coverage from CBS Sports HQ.

Of course, CBS All Access gives you thousands of episodes from CBS shows on demand. That includes full episodes from current and earlier seasons of your favorites like Survivor, NCISYoung SheldonLove Islandand many more. Plus, your subscription allows you to watch a slew of CBS All Access original series like Star Trek: DiscoveryTell Me A Story, and The Twilight Zone.

Whatever your preference, CBS All Access has you covered for $5.99/month with limited commercials, or you can go commercial-free for $9.99/month.

Sign up for CBS All Access and enjoy all the PGA Tour action!