20 Things We'll Miss About HIMYM: A Look Back
Posted on Mar 28, 2014 05:20pm

After nearly a decade's worth of iconic props, running jokes and legendary catchphrases, How I Met Your Mother undoubtedly made its mark on pop culture history. The yellow umbrella, the Bro Code and getting "lawyered" are just a few of the things that created the HIMYM vernacular. And while fans may miss watching a new chapter of the story unfold each Monday night, they are sure to find comfort in a high-five, a game of laser tag or hearing a really good joke about Canada. So if you're one of the many battling How I Met Your Mother withdrawal, take a look at this list of AWESOME things to help fill you with happy nostalgia.

1. Suiting Up

2. Telepathic Conversations

3. Barney's Blogs

4. Robin Sparkles

5. Getting "Lawyered" by Marshall

6. Interventions

7. Lily's "You Son of a Beetch" moments

8. The Bro Code

9. Canada jokes

10. Classic Schmosby

11. DAMMIT, Patrice!

12. The Dopplegangers

13. The LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY moments

14. The Yellow Umbrella

15. The Slapbet

16. The Playbook

17. Haaaaave you met Ted?

18. MacClaren's

19. Laser Tag

20. High-Fives

Think this list could continue? We dare you to leave the things you'll miss most about How I Met Your Mother in the comments below! Challenge Accepted?