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Eve's One-Night Stand Advice Makes Andrew Think Twice On 9JKL The new mom spills more than a drink at the club while helping Josh find his first one-night stand.
Posted on Oct 10, 2017 08:00am

Relationships are supposed to be about honesty, but Eve (Liza Lapira) got a little too honest this week on the latest 9JKL episode, titled "Relationship Guy."

WATCH: Eve's One-Night Stand Advice Makes Andrew Think Twice On 9JKL

​After learning that her brother-in-law Josh (Mark Feuerstein) has never had a one-night stand, Eve and her husband, Andrew (David Walton), take him out to a New York City club so he can find the perfect short-term date.

After Josh successfully, well, makes a new friend, Eve has more advice for the morning after: "When she wakes up, hand her a breakfast burrito in a bag so she knows it's time to go." (Among other tidbits: No hugging, exchanging of contact info, and definitely no cuddling.)

But wait a minute... Those moves sound pretty familiar to Andrew. Was he meant to be Eve's one-night stand?

"Would it bother you if you were?" She responded.

Oh, well! The doctor might have originally been a one-night stand to Eve, but now that the couple has a baby, clearly something stuck.

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