The Real Story Behind 52nd ACM Awards Video Of The Year Nominee "Peter Pan" Go behind-the-scenes of this Kelsea Ballerini clip that's nominated for Video Of The Year presented by Xfinity.
Posted on Mar 27, 2017 11:00am

If you've seen Kelsea Ballerini's music video for "Peter Pan," which is nominated for Video Of The Year presented by Xfinity at the 52nd ACM Awards, then we don't need to tell you how stunning the songstress looks in her memorable flowing dress in the middle of nowhere.

Instead, we'd like to introduce you to director Kristin Barlowe and producer Michelle Abnet, who worked together to help bring Kelsea's meaningful lyrics to life on-screen, so read on to learn some insider tidbits about what it was really like working with such a talented country upstart.

How did it feel to be nominated for Video Of The Year presented by Xfinity by the Academy Of Country Music?

Director Kristin Barlowe: This is my first ACM nomination so, clearly I am honored and thrilled! And, to find out the nomination is because my peers voted for it makes it even more special.

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Which took longer—the stunts or getting that dress to flow how you wanted?

Kristin: Sky Combat Ace was the easiest part. Kyle, our pilot, just did his thing and wowed us all the time!

That dress was the most challenging, believe it or not. A storm was heading our way and our producer told me we had to shut down shooting hours early to get off the lake bed, and if we didn’t, we could find ourselves stuck.

It was a hurry-up-and-shoot situation.

Kelsea had to lean into high winds that were so strong, they literally were blowing her around. (And those heels didn’t make it any easier.) That is all natural wind and four people holding the various ends of the dress at times to keep it from coming off or knotting up.

We just used what the universe was giving us and went for it. I think that is what makes the performance even better, the challenges in getting it, the urgency, and lack of time all created a certain energy that we all harnessed.

What was it like working with Kelsea on this clip?

Kristin: Kels is amazing! She is so fun, outgoing, and up for a challenge. Her enthusiasm and joy makes everyone just want to work hard.

Producer Michelle Abnet: Kelsea is always a gem to work with. She was especially happy on this video shoot, as we were outside of Vegas on a dry lake bed. Great weather—other than the windstorm—and we shot in February, so that put everyone in a good mood.

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After working on hundreds of music videos, what was it about this one that stood out to you?

Kristin: It was a challenge at every turn. We had a budget and a big, big idea, but I knew that when I wrote it.

It was worth the long hours and, thanks to an awesome team who all poured their talents and time into it making it happen, I could not have done this without the help of so many friends who wanted to see this idea come to life.

Michelle: Working with a professional flight team, Sky Combat Ace, was different than anything I had done before. They flew to our video shoot and captured the "stunts" via a GoPro while en route.

The footage that we got back from them was amazing, and it took our talented editor and director to sift through all the footage to find those gem moments.

What would fans be surprised to learn about this video shoot?

Kristin: [Kelsea] nearly got blown away in the wind while filming [and] she wasn’t supposed to get on the motorcycle, but did!

Michelle: Fans might be surprised to know that our director, Kristin, taught Kelsea to drive a manual shift car while on set. It was pretty awesome.

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