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Shamir Arzeno

Age: 28
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Current occupation: Associate at Top Banking Firm
Teammate: Sara Fowler

Describe what you do: Collateral management

3 words to describe you: Ambitious, adventurous and driven.

Favorite hobbies: Bodybuilding, powerlifting, meal prepping, reading and traveling.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? Working multiple jobs to put myself through college.

What scares you most about traveling? The last day of any journey, returning home and not being able to travel indefinitely, well not yet at least.

What excites you most about traveling? Seeing the places that I used to dream about and see on screensavers as a kid in real life.

What qualities do you hope your partner has? Unwavering effort and drive, win or lose. As long as they give it 100 percent, it'll be a great adventure.

What qualities will be hard for you to put up with in a partner? Someone who is type A like myself because we will probably butt heads.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge you and your teammate face? Navigating without the use of Google maps and Waze.

What country and place would you most like to visit and why? Fiji, its 333 tropical islands mean endless adventure. My cousin's dad is from Fiji and he is the perfect example of its people. The home of the happiest people on earth. I would love to see its sights, experience its culture, meet its people and live on Fiji time for a few weeks.

What do you hope to accomplish by running The Race (other than winning one million bucks)? Accomplishing a dream I had growing up of traveling the world, seeing the sights, experiencing the culture, meeting the people of the world and tasting its cuisine.

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