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Gary and Matt
Gary Tomljenovich (47); Matt Tomljenovich (22)
Hometown: Laurel, Mont. / Bozeman, Mont.
Occupation: Construction Manager and Mortgage Broker/ Student
Relationship: Father/Son

Gary is a PC, Matt is a Mac. Gary enjoys hunting, Matt enjoys video games. Gary enjoys classic rock, Matt enjoys metal. This father and son duo do not have a lot in common and they never have … that is why they are running the Race. They are eager to share the experience of a lifetime with one another and establish a bond for the rest of their lives. 

Despite their many differences, these two share a bond in their common sense approach to problem solving, which at times, has been said to be uncanny.  

Gary is hoping Matt will open up to him during the Race, as they will be forced to spend all of their time together — a first for each of them. Matt is hoping that his dad will learn to listen to him and attempt to understand his point of view. 

Matt was almost killed when he was hit by a car and broke his leg so badly that he had to have a metal rod put in to hold it in place. It has since been removed and he is back in great shape and ready to race.  Matt describes himself as creative, trustworthy and a peacemaker, while Gary describes himself as decisive, direct and competitive.

They see this as a great opportunity for them to see the world and spend quality time together, while hopefully winning the Race and a million dollars along the way.