Elimination Interview: Abba and James
Posted on Nov 20, 2012 12:55pm

We asked Abba and James questions that YOU(the fans!) sent in via social media! Check out what they had to say about their time in the Race!

Stacey V: Did Abba and James ever find their passports? How long did it take them to get out of Russia?
James: Hi Stacey, well I had my passport in my pants pocket, so I never lost it. I'm afraid Abba changed his clothes after the swim challenge so his Passport was stolen along with our packs. As for getting out of Russia, we were able to get a passport in a few days but It took 5 or 6 more days to get a visa. A miracle, considering that it should have taken us a month through regular channels. Naturally we charmed are way into an early Visa "Amazing Race style".
Abba: Unfortunately I never got my passport back after they were stolen. We spent 6 days in Moscow desperately trying to speed up the bureaucratic procedures of two different countries. We received the passport from the US embassy in 3 days and then needed to get the Russian exit visa which took another 3 days. It was a long, emotionally grueling time, but we made the best of it and tried to convince ourselves that we had actually won that leg of the race and were enjoying our prize...a 6 day trip for two to Moscow!

Laura F: Would you race again if you got the invitation?
James: Of course Laura, it just feels like a lot of bad luck befell us. It would be great to get back out there and see if we could shake that. It would be an honor to be asked back.
Abba: Abba-solutely! I'd run to the airport right now! The way it ended is so personally sad for me simply because no one actually beat us except the cab driver who robbed us. The Amazing Race is the best show on television (and they have the Emmy's to prove it) and it was an honor to be on the show in the 1st place, but let's face it, we got hit by several bolts of bad lightening that have never happened before in the show's history so we'd obviously love the opportunity to make it right if given the chance.

Tiffany G: How is life now after the Amazing Race? What's was the easiest and hardest part of the race?
James: Hi Tiffany. For me not much has changed, I was actually on tour in Turkey just 2 weeks after the Race. That was cool -- my third time this year. Easiest part of the race for me was probably repelling off the Colorado Bridge in Pasadena, what a blast. Hardest part was definitely the synchronized swimming challenge in Russia. So many steps involved in that while all the while trying not to drown.
Abba: The kind words of support, love and admiration we have received from fans all over the world has been amazing! I'm sure that a lot of people probably weren't sure what to make of us in the beginning, but I'm proud that as the season progressed, people came to understand, accept and appreciate the friendship we have and the people that we are. The easiest part of the race is falling asleep! LOL. The hardest part was being away from my family the entire time with no communication at all. They dropped me at the airport and had no idea where I even was until they picked me up a month later. I appreciate the sacrifices they had to make in order for me to do this and I love them even more for their unselfish, unconditional support.

Tracey A: I think if you didn't lose your passport you could have easily won this race. Do you feel the same?
James: I don't know if we could "easily "have won Tracey, too many variables. I'm sure we would have been one of the finalists if not the winners though.
Abba: Totally! Not to sound cocky, but if you didn't think you could and should win, why apply?! Even though we all know how the race is theoretically run, there is still a learning curve of how the race is practically run. We had the lead a lot of the time throughout the early legs in China and Indonesia, but for a variety of reasons we got smacked. Nevertheless, we kept striving to get smarter and stronger with every passing leg and our back-to-back wins in Bangladesh showed we were starting to hit our stride.

Leo L: What moment in the race impacted you the most? What made the race AMAZING for you?
James: Experiencing Bangladesh was amazing Leo! We met some very friendly people with beautiful generous spirits. A deceptively incredible place.
Abba: We tried to always keep our heads up and take in the wonderful gifts that were all around us. There are so many special moments for a variety of emotions - jumping off the bridge in Pasadena, eating frog fallopian tubes in Shanghai, the silat dance in Indonesia, running with the children and the generous angels who saved us in Bangladesh, being beaten by half naked men in the Turkish bath, wearing a speedo and flowered bath cap in Russia -it was all so ridiculously glorious i felt like we were living in a Salvador Dali video! Everything was amazing! The actual production is amazing - to see how the camera and sound guys work to bring the world into your living room is unfathomable! EVERY single person involved in this whole process from Elise and Bertram to Phil to the casting and support staff was amazing, it was a top-shelf, first class experience filled with wonderful people and I loved every second of it.