Elimination Interview: Jaymes and James
Posted on Dec 11, 2012 12:10pm

We asked Jaymes and James the questions YOU (the fans!) sent in via social media! Check out what they had to say about their time on the Race here.

Kevin W: Chippendales--Jaymes how is your dad doing and is there someway us Amazing Race fans can help out?
Jaymes: My dad is a fighter. My dad doesn't give up, he doesn't quit. That is where I got my spirit from. If anybody is going to make an incurable cancer curable it is going to be my dad. Right now he gets up in the morning, leaves to go to work, goes to chemotherapy, goes back to work and then goes to radiation. I don't think that is the best way to beat cancer. If Race fans want to help they can log on to our website We appreciate anything anyone can do. It is amazing this Race family we have been brought into. They are amazing. Thank you, ya'll.

Julie M: What was your favorite Road Block that you would want to do again? Which one would you prefer not to do ever again?
Jaymes: We loved the synchronized swimming. Road Blocks were alright, but we loved the Detours. Anything with animals were great. The Road Blocks were by ourselves and the Detours we got to do together.

Zach J: What was the best part about this Season?
James: I think the best part was getting to know the other teams and building those relationship. Jaymes: There were a lot of amazing teams that were really beautiful people on the inside. Really the best part is leaving this season with the Amazing Race family that we shared the experience with.

Paloma G: Which country touched your heart the most?
Jaymes: Bangladesh. Absolutely. People were living with families of 4, 5, 6... in these little shacks. They had such wonderful amazing spirits and they were so excited to be a part of our journey. I think Americans can learn so much from them. You don't need a lot to be happy.
James: I agree. Bangladesh all the way. Their spirit and enthusiasm. It made you so grateful for everything you have.

Serena G: Las Vegas is very proud of our hometown team, but wish you came in 1st! Thank you for being eye candy this season!!! Are you still dancing in Chippendales?
Jaymes: Absolutely, we are the Rio Hotel and Casino dancing hard 7 nights a week! Working hard and trying to make money for my Daddy. You can also see me signing in "Show in the Sky" also at the Rio. I work a double shift so you can come see both shows.