Elimination Interview: Trey and Lexi
Posted on Dec 12, 2012 10:50am

We asked Trey and Lexi questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in via social media! Read what Trey and Lexi had to say about their time in the game, and how the Race has affected their relationship!

Michael P: How has The Amazing Race changed your relationship with your partner / significant other that you ran the race with?
Lexi: The Amazing Race was absolutely INCREDIBLE for Trey and I's relationship. We went into the race as a very strong, happy couple and after running the race we are even more in love and our relationship is SO much stronger because of it. We conquered our biggest fears together! Watching Trey hang 15 stories high by his ankles in a straight jacket was my favorite moment of the entire race. Trey is TERRIFIED of heights and he dominated it....such a special moment. We are are so thankful to Amazing Race for giving us this incredible opportunity to travel around the world together and grow closer to one another. There are no words to describe how special this was for us.
Trey: The Amazing Race changed our relationship in the most positive way possible. We grew stronger as a couple. Our hearts grew bigger for one another. We just became closer than we ever had before. This race was such a positive and wonderful experience and for us to be able to compete together made that experience 10 times better.

Peggy B: How did you overcome the language differences in each country you visited?
Lexi: Overcoming the language barriers in each of the countries was definitely a challenge. On every plane ride we would ask locals to translate key phrases for us like 'please drive fast,' 'Do you know where we are going?,' and 'How much longer?' It was extremely helpful! It was also fun having them tell us about the city they lived in.
Trey: We knew that the language barrier would be a challenge in itself. Our main strategy honestly was to remain calm and patient with each of our cab drivers and the people of the country that we were visiting. We wanted to be respectful to every person we came into contact with.

Tim L: What country did you enjoy the most?
Lexi: Amsterdam and Turkey were my favorites. Beautiful is the only word I can use to describe them. I was just in awe of both of these countries. The country side of Amsterdam is GORGEOUS and I loved all the small cottages. Trey and I will definitely go back there. LOVED IT! I also loved the ferry ride that we took from the Europe side of Turkey over to the Asia side. It's the little moments in the race where you get to take a second, breathe and take in your surroundings that were so special. These moments are some of the ones I treasure most.
Trey: Spain and Amsterdam were my two favorite places that we traveled to. Both of them reminded me of home. Mallorca, Spain was special because it's beautiful farm land. Loved seeing all the crops being grown. I loved Amsterdam because I loved all the canals that ran through the entire city. The boat ride that we went on was incredible.

Dayna L: What life lessons have you learned in this race?
Lexi: Appreciate every single thing you have, even the smallest things that we take for granted like clean water. Bangladesh was a HUGE eye opener for both Trey and I. We have seen the sad commercials on TV talking about third world countries, but seeing it first hand really shook me up. In the future if we ever decide to go on a mission trip it will absolutely be in Bangladesh. They are the hardest working people I have ever seen. I was truly amazed. The people of Bangladesh were so nice too. Even though our taxi driver's car broke down twice, he was persistent about taking care of us and helping us. It really meant a lot.
Trey: A big life lesson that I learned was to be grateful for everything you have. Everyone these days complains about what they don't have and rarely reflects on all the blessings that they do have in their lives. We live in a country where we're so fortunate to have everything we need to live happily. If you look at a country like Bangladesh, they have so little, but every person we came into contact with was happier than ever. The race made Lexi and I realize the importance of focusing on what we do have and not what we don't.

Maria D: What was going through your head during the final challenge with the UN flags?
Lexi: There was SO much going through my mind during this challenge. My stomach dropped when I read that the challenge was to translate hello and goodbye in all the languages. Up until that point the fact that Trey and I had never left the country never hindered us. I was mentally and physically exhausted from all the other 11 legs of the race. I was trying to think back to every country and what the greeter said to us. The only reason I got China right was because I remember jumping on the mat and her saying 'Ni Hao.' I thought she said 'Yee Haw!' so I replied 'Yee Haw!' Definitely a hillbilly moment for sure : ) I gave this challenge my all and unfortunately it didn't turn out like I had hoped, but I'm so unbelievably proud of Trey and I and what we accomplished. We absolutely feel like winners!
Trey: I was thinking that I wish I could help the person that I love most in this world. When Lexi struggles, I struggle and when she is upset I'm upset. It was tough watching my best friend struggle and not being able to help. I was so proud of her no matter what place we got on that day. I am lucky man.