Winner's Interview: Josh and Brent
Posted on Dec 12, 2012 11:35am

We asked Josh and Brent questions that YOU (the fans!) sent in via social media! Read what they had to say about winning the Race!

Denise A: Josh and Brent: How did you find the strength to continue when you were so far behind? What was it that inspired you?
Brent: At the point when we were the very furthest behind in Moscow, the relationship we had with Abbie and Ryan really gave us a lot of faith in other racers and ourselves. After that disastrous missed connection and the swimming challenge, you can see that we really made up a lot of time there.

Rachael B: If you didn't win, Who would you want to win out of the final 3 left?
Brent: We really would have felt comfortable with any of the other teams winning because we truly believe that the team who was supposed to win would win and we would have had joy with anyone standing there on the finish mat
Josh: Jaymes and James had a real immediate need, so that would have been nice. And Trey and Lexi and the Twinnies are so accomplished that they'll probably end up making a million dollars in their own way.

Sherrie H: Was there a time when you wanted to quit the race? P.S. Glad you won!!
Brent: A lot of people think when Abbie and Ryan were u-turned that we wanted to quit but that wasn't the case. What they were seeing is, it's rare in the Race to be standing next to a team when their dreams of winning disappears in front of their eyes. To see a team a team like them have their dream slip through their fingers was tough. It was almost like being Phil; that was their real moment of elimination

Michele H: What is the most unforgettable experience throughout the race?
Brent: For me, there will never in my life be a moment where I have the same feeling I had at the starting line hearing Phil say "the world is waiting for you" and as soon as he said "Go," I don't think I felt my feet the entire run down the bridge.
Josh: In Dhaka, after finishing the bamboo challenge, I was so physically exhausted I wasn't sure I could take another step, and this crowd of kids came along and starting chanting "Beekman Boys, Beekman Boys," and that just carried us to the finish mat.

Josh V: What was going through your head crossing the finish line?
Brent: It was incredible gratitude, of course for winning but also for having had the opportunity and experiences and meeting each of the other teams. There wasn't a single team that at some point we didn't learn something from and you have to appreciate it when those opportunities in life come along.