Elimination Interview: Jessica and John
Posted on Mar 11, 2013 02:20pm

Read what Jessica and John had to say about their time in the game in this elimination interview! Find out why they didn't use their express pass, what their best memory from the Race is and more!

Karla K: Why didn't you use your express pass?
John: Jessica and I thought that the Derby girls were behind us.
Jessica: When we got to the roadblock there was an extra clue in the box, which re-confirmed the thought that there would be another team behind us. We also didn't know what decision Dave & Connor had made, if they would continue or go home.

Jen N: What's your best memory of the race?
John: Skydiving out of the helicopter in Bora Bora. It was thrilling & beautiful.
Jessica: The jet-skies in Bora Bora and the jet boat ride in New Zealand.

Rex B: Did you assume it would be a non-elimination leg of the Race?
Jessica: We didn't assume but of course everyone hopes that when they are last to check in.

Gary P: How does your teammate feel about your decision to not use the express pass?
Jessica: Throughout the whole race we discussed why or why not to use it. We thought the Derby girls were behind us so we decided together not to use it.

Brian S: John, you seemed like you didn't really care that you were eliminated? Why?
John: I did care that we were eliminated. What I intended to get across when I said "I don't need a million dollars" didn't get across. What I intended when I said that was based around the word "Need." What I was trying to note was that everyone in the race - none of us "need" the million dollars. We wanted it, we were competing hard for it. After running around the world and having your view expanded it makes it more clear than ever how fortunate all of us are.

Jeffrey C: What was the hardest task you encountered during the entire race?
John: Building the fruit offering.
Jessica: It was long and tedious and we weren't sure how to build it correctly. We kept getting denied and they couldn't tell us what we were doing wrong.