Elimination Interview: Dave and Connor
Posted on Mar 18, 2013 02:15pm

Check out what Dave and Connor had to say about their time in the game in their elimination blog!

Tina M: How did surgery go?
Dave: Surgery went well. There is a big ugly scar but I hope to make a complete recovery.

Katy N: How do you think other teams will feel about your becoming eliminated?
Connor: I think obviously it is a Race and whether they show it or not they are relieved and glad. I don't blame them... I would probably be in the same boat.
Dave: I think Chuck and Wynona are probably really happy.

Michael B: Would you have continued if the injury wasn't as bad?
Connor: Yeah, if we could have continued we would have continued. I hope people don't think we quit to quit. We pulled out because it was in the best interest of my Dad.

Nicholas A: If given the opportunity would you guys do the race again?
Connor: Yes, in a heartbeat. This was probably the most fun I have ever had.
Dave: Me too.

Terry D: Had you stayed what would have been your dream destination?
Connor: I really wanted to go to Asia or Africa. It is pretty heartbreaking that they go there right after we leave, but it's OK.
Dave: I'm with Connor. Interestingly enough, Vietnam was on my list of places I wanted to go so I got to go there, and Africa was on my list. It was really disappointing to watch last night and find out that is where they went next.

Sharon N: Are you healing? What did you learn about each other during the time you were on the show?
Connor: It just reiterated how much of a hard man my dad is and how strong he is. He didn't want to let me down. It just showed me again how strong of a person he is.
Dave: For me, it was the fact that despite know how Connor felt he never made the comment maybe we should keep going, just tough it out. He knew that what was most important was my health. It would have been really easy for anyone and especially a young person to say that we only get to be here once so let's just buck up and go a little further.