Elimination Interview: Pam and Winnie
Posted on Apr 1, 2013 01:15pm

Read what Pam and Winnie had to say about their time in the game in their exclusive elimination interview!

Win K: Pam & Winnie, you did your best, played the game of Amazing Race well! would you consider doing it again if you could?
Winnie: Yeah, we would do it again in a heartbeat. We loved the Race so much. We would do it again even if there was no prize money.
Pam: Yeah, I would for sure do it in a heartbeat too. We had so much fun and we have unfinished business with donkeys and ostriches.

Kelli N: I'd like to know when do they eat, we never see them eat or sleep. Who do they hope wins the race?
Winnie: We mostly based our diet based off of airplane food and pretty much all the awesome people that bought food for us at the airport. Pam: We hope nobody wins. No I'm just kidding. We hope the team that overcomes the most hardships wins. Basically, we are rooting for anyone.

Bob B: What was the note that the contestants had taped to their steering wheels when driving in Botswana?
Winnie: The note was pretty much telling you how to switch to four wheel drive because we were doing quite a bit of off-roading.

Crystal S: What was the most memorable moment during your experience on the show?
Winnie: I think the most memorable moment was camping in Africa and transporting the baby goats. They were so cute we wanted to smuggle them back into the US.
Pam: I think my most memorable moment was interacting with the Bushmen. It was fun having them lead us and pretending we knew what they were talking about.

Dorothy E: What did you miss about being in the states?
Pam: We missed eating good food because we were living off of airplane food.
Winnie: I think that was the hardest part about racing was not being able to eat whatever we wanted.

Aly C: What made the last memory challenge so difficult compared to the challenges on previous legs?
Winnie: We didn't have a problem memorizing the animals, our problem was that we completely missed spotting an ostrich and then mistaking the hippo for the rhino tile.

Matthew M: Do you think it's better to run the race alone or with an alliance?
Pam: I think it is better to run the Race alone because in the end there is only one winner. It is better to do things alone and not depend on others.

Ian M: What was going through your mind when you realized you were last place considering that you were in a consistent second place throughout most of the episode?
Pam: When we realized we were in last place it was disappointing but we were laughing at ourselves because we knew we probably made some kind of silly error. We were just trying to enjoy ourselves and look back at all the amazing things we had already done.
Winnie: We are so grateful that we had this experience. It is seriously the best time we have had in our entire lives so far.