Elimination Interview: Chuck and Wynona
Posted on Apr 15, 2013 12:05pm

Check out what Wynona and Chuck had to say about their time in the Race in their elimination interview!

Rafferty L: What was it like to struggle up that hill?
Chuck: I was frustrated on the hill because I have actually been in the cold before. I didn't mind it that much. I think the struggle was for Wynona because she does not like the cold. Once she gets cold everything gets ten times harder.
Wynona: For me, the struggle getting up the hill was hard because it was very snowy and icy and I had tennis shoes on. I was cold - my feet were cold, my hands were cold. We had just run like a mile to get there and it was hard. We were tired, cold and it was steep.

Deyanna W: Why did he speak to her in such a rude manner?
Chuck: At this point in the Race we were probably 20 days in and I was just getting frustrated and letting my emotions take over. I really didn't mean to yell at Wynona. I truly do love Wynona and it was just a little frustration. It was just the heat of the competition. I hated to show my ugly side.

Eric M: How much of your 30 minute penalty was left before team YouTube checked in?
Wynona: We are guessing 10 to 15 minutes.

Eryn J: How many hours of sleep would you get on an average night during the race?
Wynona: That would depend on where we were, if we were on an airplane or in a hotel. Maybe 2 - 4 or 2 - 5 hours. We didn't always get sleep.

Jody M: What was the most challenging leg in the race?
Chuck: If you ask me I would have to say Vietnam. We just could not communicate with anyone there. We were kicked out of a couple taxis and the heat was unbelievable.
Wynona: I would say Bora Bora in the water. I was recovering from heatstroke and the current in the water was awful.

Curtis C: If you have the opportunity to return to the Amazing Race, will you take it?
Chuck: In a heartbeat. Most certainly.
Wynona: Absolutely. Now we know what to pack, when to sleep and what to do. Absolutely.

Donna B: What was the scariest thing that you experienced on the race, and what was the funnest thing?
Wynona: The most fun was probably me running the streets of Vietnam and the scariest was traversing the Eiger.
Chuck: I would have to say the scariest was almost getting eliminated in Vietnam. The most fun or the best thing was sky diving in Bora Bora. You couldn't ask for a pretty place in the world to skydive.

Mandy C: Do you guys have any regrets, & if you could change one thing, would you?
Chuck: No we don't have any regrets. Every part was fabulous. But, it was hard to swallow our penalty and get eliminated.