Elimination Interview: Joey and Meghan
Posted on Apr 29, 2013 02:50pm

Read what Joey and Meghan had to say about their time in the game in their elimination interview!

Kev W: What was going though your mind when you realized you were going to be eliminated?
Joey: We were obviously really sad but we made it a lot further than either of us expected. We were obviously really proud of ourselves. Making it 10 out of 12 legs isn't bad.
Meghan: The adventure was always worth more than the million dollars to us so going ten legs felt pretty good.

Vincent Y: What have you learned about each other that you did not know about before the race?
Meghan: Joey is way more of an aggressive driver than I am and I'm actually pretty good at reading directions. I never thought that, that would be a strong point for me. And, we definitely know each other's distinct foot odor. We also learned how to trust each other a lot more. In the beginning we second guessed each other sometimes but as it progressed we got a rhythm going.

Celina R: If you could do 1 thing different what would that be? Do you think that would have changed your outcome?
Joey: I think always being super thorough with everything. Even if you think you have the best flight don't settle.
Meghan: Which we had been doing, but this time we didn't and it was our downfall.

Marcos P: Since you got eliminated, who did you want to win the race?
Joey and Meghan: Derby Moms!!!

Maxine B: What's was your favorite part of the race?
Joey: The adventure! Getting to do things and go to countries that we never thought we would be able to do.
Meghan: The surprise of not knowing where we would be going next.

Tim C: Joey and Meghan, how did you manage to keep your great attitudes?
Joey: I think in general both Meghan and I are very positive people and going into the Race our mission was just to have fun and enjoy everywhere we went.

Mira M: Has being on the race had a big influence on your YouTube success?
Meghan: I haven't seen numbers change from being on the Race but we have seen the Youtube community back us up. Everyone has come together and supported us and that has been great.
Joey: Now we get recognized by an older demographic when we are out and about.
Meghan: More Moms and Dads.

Corbyn B: Do you think your alliance overall ended up helping or hurting you in the end?
Joey: I would say that it helped us because I don't think that we would have been able to make it as far as we did without having the support team with us especially with all the teams against us.
Meghan: We were a threat either way. With or without the alliance they would have wanted us out. The alliance just made things better.