Elimination Interview: Caroline and Jennifer
Posted on May 6, 2013 02:15pm

Read what Caroline and Jennifer said about their time in the Race, and if they still keep in touch with Bates and Anthony!

Cassidy B: Caroline and Jennifer: Did you work against the Alliance because you figured it was a good idea, or because you didn't want a target on your back, as well?
Jennifer: We never even knew they had an alliance! Ours started jut because we were the outsiders! We got lucky we made it further!
Caroline: Bates and Anthony and Max and Katie and us all agreed to U-turn Mona and Beth and Joey and Meghan to make sure we all were protected and because we were in our own Alliance.

Ryan D: To Caroline & Jen and Bates & Anthony... So did you guys ever go on a real date with each other after the race?
Jennifer: Not yet, but you still never know!
Caroline: We love our race boyfriends! I think we are the longest relationship either of them has ever had, haha, so yes, they better take us out to a nice steak dinner with their million dollars! :)

Cheryl K: YAY!! I am happy Bates and Anthony won!!! Why did Caroline and Jen have a tough time with the snorkeling part??
Jennifer: It was so cold that my feet and hands were numb... You could start cramping in the water because you were frozen... And then I got claustrophobic and couldn't breathe... And when I did breathe, I was inhaling mud and bog!!! Hahaa. It was very difficult.
Caroline: Jen hates being cold, is not a great swimmer and gets claustrophobic. So basically, this was the worst challenge ever for her lol.

Kate M: Will you go back and visit some of those places again?
Jennifer: I hope so! I loved Switzerland and Africa!
Caroline: We would LOVE to go back to all of the places we visited, I especially would love to return to Bora Bora on a romantic vacation.

Runjal P:Jennifer and Carolyn what was the toughest challenge?
Jennifer: The bog challenge!!!!
Caroline: I struggled with the bagpipes in Scotland because my mouth stopped working. Jen really had a hard time with the bog in Ireland.. All the challenges are super hard and really push you to your limits.

Mele G: If you could go back and tell your pre-amazing race self one thing what would it be?
Jennifer: Always stop and ask for a map!! Trying to remember people telling directions is challenging when you're racing and in a hurry!
Caroline: Find internet and print a map every time I'm looking for a location.