Elimination Interview: Beth and Mona
Posted on May 6, 2013 02:25pm

Read what Mona and Beth said about their time in the game, and if they'd ever do The Amazing Race again!

Rhonda C: For Mona and Beth: Given the opportunity would you do Amazing Race All Stars?
Mona: We would do it in a heartbeat no questions asked.
Beth: If they called us and told us to get on an airplane tonight we would go to All Stars.

Mike G: Mona and Beth, how did you miss the sign at the Titanic in Belfast?
Beth: We entered from the opposite side of the tent and we just didn't see it.
Mona: When I was preparing the food and preparing the food. I was on the opposite side of the tent and never ran past it. We just didn't look around I guess.

Gina B: Mona & Beth - first off, congrats from your home state of Colo., my question for you would be how did you muster the strength to enter this race which took you away from your kids?
Beth: We knew this was once in a lifetime opportunity and we wanted to show our kids that we were a little bit more than just their mom. And, we wanted them to think we were cool!
Mona: Pretty much the same. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. It was hard to be away for 30 days but in the grand sceam of things I think the life lessons they learned watching their moms compete were more valuable than us being gone.
Beth: I was also really excited not to do laundry and cook for a month.

Krittapast T: for Mona and Beth, what do you think made you run the race this far even if you are all-female team and you are the most senior team out of four?
Beth: Age before beauty. We are tough girls. For fun we play a sport where people knock us down. We were probably the least inexperienced team as far as international travel goes but that didn't hold us back.
Mona: I think we are very competitive, we are in fantastic shape and we have some good life experience under our belt. We may have made some mistakes but we knew how to push through and keep going.

Bob C: How much is luck as a factor in who wins each leg, in your opinion? Versus not paying attention to clues, directions, and so forth.
Mona: It definitely varies from leg to leg. Some challenges luck plays more of a role and some challenges you need to pay more attention to details and use your brains more.
Beth: Luck almost always plays some sort of a factor in the show but nobody wins the amazing race just by being lucky. You have to have all of the components: physical strength, mental ability and luck.