Elimination Interview: Max and Katie
Posted on May 6, 2013 02:35pm

Read what Max and Katie said about their time in the Race, and if they are planning on having another honeymoon!

Doan N: Max and Katie: How was your marriage working after the race?
Max and Katie: Our marriage is stronger than ever after the race. Our marriage has been great...we kicked it off with a bang but it's strong and we both have really think skin so we didn't let anything bother us. Everything is fantastic.

Chris K: Katie: You ALWAYS looked so completely focused, how do you stay so intensely focused when dealing with all the stress that TAR puts you through?
Katie: I think in general - I am a very calm person. The race is stressful with so much anxiety but I was prepared for that and knew I needed to be calm and maintain my cool to get us further in the game.

Jessica D: My question for Katie and Max is why they chose to use the UTurn in an emotional way (against a team they did not like) versus using it on their strongest competition (Bates and Anthony) and whether they regret that now.
Max and Katie: We didn't have the opportunityto use it on Bates and Anthony because they arrived before us. The reason we used it on Mona and Beth was because if something were to happen to us (flat tire, car broke down), we would have some extra time.

Joy N: Max & Katie do you feel like you lost due to the total luck involved in the the briefcase challenge?
Max and Katie: Yes. 100%. We knew everything at the Lincoln memorial...we knew 1100 Pennsylvania wasn't The White House...but in the end it just came down to luck.

André D: For Max & Katie: What was the funniest thing you have experienced on the Race?
Max and Katie: Our speed bump in Africa - having to do a dance with the local women wearing a skirt that I had knitted myself.

Lukas K: Max and Katie: y'all were my favorites! I'm sorry you didn't win but you made it really far! What was the most difficult moment about the race?
Max and Katie: Managing the stress and making good decisions were the most difficult part of the race.

Walter U: Katie and Max; after the race did you actually have a regular honeymoon?
Max and Katie: We have not gone away yet but we plan on going away for our 1 year anniversary.