Winner's Interview: Bates and Anthony
Posted on May 6, 2013 02:40pm

Read what Bates and Anthony said about their time in the game and what their favorite challenge was!

Tara F: Are Bates and Anthony still close with the country girls?
Bates: Yeah, we're still good friends. It was nice to have two beautiful girls to hang out with the entire time.
Anthony: We still talk & text, and we hope to get together soon.

Carlos B: How did it feel to see all those teams come back at the end to support?
Bates: It was pretty cool to see everybody. It was weird seeing the early teams who we didn't know too well.
Anthony: it was incredible to see everyone there. It was pretty surreal.

Katherine V: Bates and Anthony, what do you plan to do with the money (besides buy another pair of fake teeth)?
Bates: We're still figuring it out.
Anthony: I'm not going to buy new teeth since that's what everyone is expecting me to do. Bates has taken me on a few trips in the past so maybe I can take him on one now.

Rhonda C: Bates and Anthony: What was your favorite challenge during the race and what challenge did you find the hardest?
Anthony: Our favorite challenge was being able to say we waterskied with crocodiles. That's something that not too many people can say.
Bates: I never thought I'd be in Africa. That was amazing.

Jody M: Bates and Anthony, who would you have wanted to win if it hadn't been you?
Bates: Caroline & Jen. They were our super-buddies.
Anthony: They were our race girlfriends and we are still friends with them.

Diana K: To Bates and Anthony: Did you have any sort of special tactics for doing the race fast and keeping ahead of other teams?
Anthony: Just a lot of luck.
Bates: We were good at the physical things but when it came to other things like getting flights or directions we did get lucky at times. Caroline and Jen were able to help us with that sometimes.