Elimination Interview: Hoskote and Naina
Posted on Sep 30, 2013 05:05pm

Hoskote and Naina answered YOUR questions about the Race and talk about being the first team eliminated from the game.

Charleigh R: Even if it was short lived, would you do it again if they did an episode and brought teams back from all episodes that were eliminated in the 1st round?
Hoskote: Absolutely, we would love to do the show again. We were so prepared and we need a chance to redeem ourselves. We have all the skills necessary to go all the way. In different circumstances we could have done it. This is my favorite reality show and I just wish I could prove what we are capable of.
Naina: Absolutely, in a heartbeat we would do this again. We left the competition early and there were a lot of things we didn't get to do. We didn't enter the competition to leave first and would return in a heartbeat.

Holly B: I know that you weren't racing for very long, but I feel like even one leg would be better then none. That being said, what was your favorite/ most memorable part of the experience?
Naina: Probably just the overall experience of doing it together. We are very grateful for this opportunity and we worked hard to get there. We followed the show for so long and we are very blessed to be here. I think just doing it with my dad was the best.
Hoskote: I want to thank the whole team for having the confident and trust to select us. We dreamt of this for years and wish we could have done better. We'd love to come back and have another chance to show what we are capable of.

Elisa J: If you could do this all over again what would you have done differently to avoid getting eliminated first?
Hoskote: Driven at 150 mile per hour. I don't drive at breakneck speed and I wish I had done that. I did not want to put my daughter in jeopardy by driving fast but maybe I should have drove faster.
Naina: I think as individuals and as a team we couldn't have done anything differently. We didn't want to do anything too quickly and we were calm and took our time. When we found out that we had a significantly delayed flight we were very upset that we couldn't control that situation. When we got to Iquique we did everything we were asked but we got an incompetent taxi driver.

Deborah B: Who do you hope the winners of last night's episode should give the second express pass to? Why?
Hoskote: I wish we were in that situation.
Naina: We actually didn't get to know the other teams. I don't know on a personal level who I would give it to, but if I had to make a choice I probably would have given it to Oklahoma or the bearded guys.

Haley M: What is your advice for anyone considering trying out to be on The Amazing Race?
Hoskote: GO FOR IT! This is the best show on Television. It is so much fun. I would tell anyone who likes to travel and likes adventure to go for it.
Naina: I would definitely say go for it and let your personality shine through. Be genuine about who you are. Show your passion for the show and wanting to race around the world. Don't give up on your dreams. Keep auditioning until it happens.

Melis A: I am sorry that you were eliminated first. How long did it take you to complete the fishing leg?
Naina: Not that long. We got into Iquique late afternoon and daylight is really short in the winter. It actually didn't take us very long but it got dark really early.

Tracy M: Although you didn't make it very far in the race, how did you enjoy your experience shared with your dad/daughter?
Naina: It was one of the best experiences I've had in my life. I'm not going to lie I was very disappointed it was only one leg but I was very grateful to do it with my dad. We can look back on it fondly and we hope we get another chance to do it again.