Elimination Interview: Rowan and Shane
Posted on Oct 7, 2013 01:15pm

See what Rowan and Shane had to say about their time in the Race and if they have any regrets!

Annedria K: How did you convince the man to let you have his shoe shine kit?
Rowan: Charm...I used so much charm. It's a good question - I think it was the combination of my earnestness and his kindness. God bless him.

Nikki R: Why didn't you realize that you were at the wrong shoe shine kit when the man kept insisting that it was his job? You didn't see that as a red flag?
Rowan: We knew it was their job, and that it would be a real shoe shine person. It had nothing to do with the behavior of the shoe shine person. It was the physical red/yellow marker that got over looked.

John S: Just to make it in The Amazing Race is a huge accomplishment. Did this experience spark a desire to travel more and see the world?
Shane: Absolutely, this is the first time Rowan or I had been out of the country and what a great way to travel the country with your best friend.

Rowan: I feel the same way except for Salt Mines in Chile.

Mary G: thought you guys did amazing. I was rooting for you two. Do you two just go back to Bingo Now?
Shane: Yes, we go back to doing Queen of Bingo. Also, Rowan was just named the Artistic Director of the Totem Pole Playhouse outside of Gettysburg, PA and we will continue to do what we do. On to the next adventures!

Gail M: If you could go back, would you have taken a chance and gotten on the bus with the other teams?
Rowan/Shane: Yes, we would have stayed with the pack.

Catherine S: If you could change one thing you did on the show what would it be?
Rowan: I would have looked more closely at the shoe shine stand since that is what cost us the race.

Debora P: What task was the most fun?
Shane: Being able to eat a big meal after the first leg!

Rowan: Paragliding was great. I loved it!

Fabs W: What would you say is the hardest thing in the Race?
Rowan/Shane: Being away from your family and not having any communication was hard.