The Amazing Race
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Elimination Interview: Brandon and Adam
Posted on Oct 28, 2013 03:20pm

Friends Brandon and Adam become the latest Amazing Race team eliminated from the race around the world. They answer your questions about their time on the race here:
Brian S: Do you think if you would've stuck with the Neptune challenge from the beginning, you would still be in it?
Brandon: Yeah, we might have...but you never can tell. We had been there for 15-20 min and only had 7 or so coins and we needed 75. The crowd was tapped out and it was bad timing.

Caitlin B: Raised in the Chico area... you guys are amazing. Who are rooting for now??? Hope to see you guys on an all star season :)
Brandon/Adam: We are rooting for Oklahoma!

Elaine H: For the one who lives in the wilderness, where do you live and what is life like?
Adam: I live outside of a town called Montgomery Creek. Live is awesome. I'm a big fan of wildlife - I have plenty of space and I grow my own food.

Marisa H: How exhausted were you guys doing both challenges and running around the apartment building looking for that donut? Sad to see you guys go.
Brandon: We were really tired and it was really hot in the outfit. We were exhausted but we were more frustrated.

Barb L: If given the chance, would you have U-Turned anyone? If so, who?
Adam: If we were in the Afghanimals shoes - we would have done what they did to us, to anyone behind us. We hold no grudges and we would have done the same thing.

Daphne P: Will you ever try to do the Race again? We are sad to see you guys go. Please try again in the future for your fans that rooted for you guys.
Brandon/Adam: We feel really bad about letting down our fans. If we got the golden opportunity to try the race again, we'll be there!

Traci F: Will you guys go on Survivor? You would be great!
Brandon: I don't like the fact that you are voted off because people don't like you. If we could do it together, that could be fun but we don't like how the game is all about alliances.

Nikki H: Brandon and Adam, since you've been friends for a very long time, how did that friendship bloom (ie, what did the younger versions of yourselves see in the other)? AND will the memories you made on the The Amazing Race be within your top five favorite shared memories?
Adam: Brandon and I are great friends and we've always been great friends. It's one of those things we can mumble about when we're all old and sitting on our front porch.
Brandon: Right now this is one of our top five favorite shared memories but we still have more life to live!